Peccary Cannon (toe) Bone.

Peccary jaw (maxilla?). This species (mylohyus sp.) is different than the others shown here.

Peccary (pig-like animal) mandible (lower jaw). (Platygonus sp.)

Juvenile peccary molar in jaw (upper photo) and tusk (lower photo). (Platygonus sp.)

Peccary molar. (Platygonus sp.)

Peccary mandible. Notice cracks throughout jaw. It was resting between rocks. (Platygonus sp.)

Another peccary mandible...the molars.

Peccary lower symphisis (front of jaw showing two of the incisors).

Another peccary...lower tusks.

Peccary jaw. (platygonus sp.)

Peccary maxilla (upper jaw).