Marcia Wright and Marge Fantozzi were a huge help in jacketing one of the mammoth/mastodon tusks.

Some of the crew

The names and faces listed here and elsewhere on this web site are the people who are making it possible for future generations to learn from our fascinating biological past. What they are uncovering will be donated to the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville for study, and the City of LaBelle for an exhibit. In that way, we all benefit.

We will be adding names and photos as we can. If you helped on this site and are not mentioned, please e-mail Mark Renz at To submit a photo by e-mail, please make it a JPEG and equivalent to a 4 x 6 inch print. If you send it too large or too small, re-sizing becomes a challenge with the antiquated equipment being used for this site. To mail a photo through the U.S. Postal Service, send it to Mark Renz, 213 Lincoln Ave., Lehigh Acres, FL 33972.

Contributors of time, sweat, muscle-aches, head-aches and a great sense of satisfaction (Listed alphabetically):

Adam Benzrihem
Albert Benzrihem
Mark Cantos and Claire ...
Lee Cone
Evan Conover
Joe Conover
Robert Crawford
Mark Davis
Bill Davis
Honey Davis
Vance Erickson
Susan Fink and Michelle ...
Pat Fink
Al and Billie Freeman
Al Govin
Pam Hall
Richard Hulbert
Gumbo Limbo (Super Group)
Rhys and Brandy Llewellyn
Bill Love
Fred Mazza
Chis and Sheila McQuade
Joe Peterson and ...
Shone, Jared and Justin Phillips
Roger Portell
Bobby Sarazen
Ray Seguin
Tony Smith
Louis and Leslie Steiffel
Michael, Theresa, Josh and Paul VanBuskirk
Willie...(last name pending)
Marcia Wright

Mark Cantos and Chris McQuade with an average afternoon's finds.

Jared Phillips with part of a horse scapula he found.

Justin Phillips with a sloth or mammoth sacrum he found.

Joe Conover and Evan Smith working a section of the site.

Evan Smith with a calcaneum (heel bone) of a mammoth or sloth.

Matt Marsh with a camel cannon (toe) bone he found.

Michael Tyree and Tery Van Buskirk with their two sons Josh and Paul, manage to find horse and sloth material.

Susan Fink, Pat Fink and their friend Michelle ... work the wall.

Adam Benzrihem with a large unidentified bone he unearthed.

Gumbo Limbo Super Group (Click here for individual photos)

Paying homage to the fossil gods.