Gumbo Limbo (Super Group)

Nine enthusiastic fossilers from the east coast of Florida stopped in for a day at the LaBelle site. Tom Gire had one of the finds of the day with a llama partial mandible showing a thin, sharp canine tooth and a premolar. His wife Judy found one of the few carnivore bones (see Carnivore section elsewhere on this web site). Andi Rothstein uncovered a llama toe bone and neural spine, and Toby Schwait found a juvenile calcaneum (heel bone) of a horse or llama. Also found by members were turtle and tortoise shell fragments and small mammal ribs. Below are some of the photos.

Tom Gire's llama mandible.

Giant tortoise shell fragment.

Toby Schwait's juvenile horse or llama calcaneum (heel bone).

Andy Rothstein found this llama toe bone.

Judy Gire's carnivore toe bone.

The day begins...

...And the day winds down