Random Finds by Random folks

FINE PRINT: Remember, you're seeing some of the best finds over a period of several months.
While we always find fossils, we don't always stumble onto the biggest and bestus.

Most of the following finds were in the Peace River between Arcadia and Wauchula. There is no magic to finding the good stuff, unless you see persistence and luck as magic. While we hope you will do well on our trip, we are geared mostly for beginners and do not go out every trip, searching for a spot no one has ever hunted. In fact, we tend to go to places that have produced for us in the past and take over where we left off the last trip.

But remember, there's always something guarding the treasure! (blue crab)

Giant land tortoise shell

Mammoth tooth

Mammoth tooth

Horse tooth

Taz showing she approves of the find

Glyptodont scute and dugong ribs

Mako sharks tooth

Mako upper (larger tooth) and lower

Gator jaw

Shark vertebra

Lemon sharks tooth stuck in matrix

Ray dermal plate

Gator tooth

River hopper

Gray sharks tooth

The Hamricks

Proud young man, proud and beautiful Mom!

Another proud young man and envious parents!

Liquid time machine

Giant swallowtail

Two serious but fun-loving collectors

...Their booty for the day...mako, great white, whale tooth, etc.

Primo makos...team effort!

Darwin, dreaming about supper...or lunch...or breakfast.

Taz during a time out

Jack & Caroline Simermeyer (front), proud Mom (Beth) in back

There's always something guarding the treasure! (Black racer - non venomous - and leopard frog)