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Sandhill crane colts waiting for breakfast.

For all our human complexities there is a deep desire to keep life simple. We don't, of course.
But when we do, we realize it's then that we're happiest and most content. --Mark Renz

FLORIDA TIME FORGOT: Order Mark Renz Photo Art or take a guided kayaking and hiking trips for birds, manatees, wildlife and landscapes or riverscapes

For the 20 years that my wife Marisa and I have been operating Fossil Expeditions and before that, Everglades Eco-Tours, a lot of you have talked about special nature expeditions that have moved you while in SW Florida. Some of you are into birding and hope to spot a Florida scrub jay, burrowing owl, crested cara cara, swallowtail kite, roseate spoonbill, limpkin, painted bunting or Everglades snail kite. Others want to see manatees or alligators and snakes. Some of you enjoy Florida landscapes that contain such diverse trees as mangrove, pine, oak, sabal palm and bald cypress. And others prefer butterflies and bugs - including giant fishing spiders. Well, we'll be glad to create a trip for you in which we hike or kayak so you can add to your Florida nature bucket list. I'm not an expert on every critter or plant we'll see, but I am confident I know enough to ensure you'll have a great time. And those of you whose love for adventure extends beyond just one type of animal or plant may enjoy this trip even more - because there are always unexpected surprises when you're open for anything.

Not sure what type of trip would interest you? Click any photo below, then scroll down and peruse my posted images. If something special catches your attention, drop me an e-mail at fossilx@earthlink.net or call Marisa at 239-368-3252. We'll let you know what we can and can't do, depending on where you're staying and where the site is located. Ideally, it should be within about 100 miles from my home base in the Fort Myers area. Let us know if you have any health restrictions and we'll try to work within your comfort level.

Guided hiking - $75 for adults and $50 for children 12 & under
Guided kayaking - $100 for adults and $65 for children 12 & under
Discounts if you have 4 or more.
We'll provide field binoculars for each person but you'll need to bring your own camera. What else do you need? Light snacks and liquids, hat, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes (or water shoes if we're going to get wet), camera (charged battery, film card), cell phone (turned off).


See a photo below that you would like to mount on your wall? I would be honored to provide it to you if you will send me an e-mail at fossilx@earthlink.net. Describe the photo and I will provide you with a high resolution jpeg for $14.95, plus .90 tax (15.85 total). You will then be authorized to use the image to make your own enlargement.


Click here for our latest photogaphy E-Book or one of our fossil books in paperback.


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*Okay, below this line are bird, wildlife and landscape or riverscape scenes I have stumbled onto over the past 20 years. I would be delighted to take you and your camera to one or more of these places, if the location is reasonably close for both of us, or the time of year is right for what you'd like to see. Just e-mail at fossilx@earthlink.net with questions, or call us at 239-368-3252.



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